About Church of God, Anderson, Indiana

Church of God, Anderson, Indiana

The Church of God began in 1880 as a movement within existing churches. It prefers that its name be accepted in an inclusive, rather than a denominational, sense and is actually a movement in the direction of Christian unity and reestablishment of the New Testament standard of faith and life. The founders believed that the church at large was too restricted and overburdened with organization and ecclesiasticism; it should be “more directly under the rule of God”

Doctrine in this church includes the belief in the divine inspiration of the Scriptures; forgiveness of sin through the atonement of Christ and repentance of the believer; the experience of holiness; the personal return of Christ, unconnected with an millennial reign; the Kingdom of God as established here and now; final judgment; resurrection of the dead; reward of the righteous; and punishment of the wicked. Baptism is by immersion. Members of this church also practice foot washing and observe the Lord’s Supper, but not as a condition of fellowship. They believe the church to be the Body of Christ, made up of all Christians, and that all Christians are one in Christ. The confusion of sects and denominations, however, is an obstacle to this unity. God desires restoration of the New Testament ideal in the church – a restoration based on spiritual experience, not on creedal agreement.

(Taken from Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 10th Edition, Frank S. Mead revised by Samuel S. Hill, Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, 1995.)